Saturday, August 4, 2012

My favorite 2 minutes on the internet

The Beginning of Infinity - Jason Silva

I have stated on many occasions that this is my favorite 2 minutes on the internet.  This is what got it all started for me.  After watching the artistic and enthusiastic delivery of this incredible message I started digging deeper and deeper into the the acceleration of technology and the beginnings of our universe.  

I first heard Jason Silva on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast #183.  He talked a lot about the technological singularity which I am fascinated by, since watching Transcendent Man.  His description of our thoughts literally becoming reality was so familiar based on Buddhism, The Secret, The Law of Attraction and so many other philosophies.  His version made sense to me though.  It wasn't mystical or divine.  It was much simpler than that.  Dreams are real patterns of information.  We conceive of all of these possibilities and bring our imaginings into reality.  Bam!  My mind was changed forever.  Thanks Jason Silva and Joe Rogan (and Redban).  

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